With Gratitude for Pastor Jenny

Rev. Jenny Shultz-Thomas
We are grateful for all that Pastor Jenny has inspired and cultivated in us.

We're grateful for the many ways she has enriched our spiritual lives both individually and as a community.

We send our prayers and blessings to Jenny and her family as their journey continues...

Opportunities to Celebrate Pastor Jenny's Ministry with CUCC

June 9:  Ritual of Covenant Release, 10:30 all ages worship service
On June 9, 2019, together with  Rev. Jenny Shultz-Thomas we released one another from Covenant Ministry.  The Ritual of Covenant Release is found on pp. 6-8 of the Order of Worship.  Reflections on Shared Ministry were presented by  Śānti Matthews, CUCC Youth and Adult Education Coordinator, and Ellen Beidler, CUCC 2019 Moderator.  [Note that Rev. Eddie Weathers was unable to be with us and was represented by CUCC's Chair of the Deacons Ministry, Louise Slate.] 

Photo story of some of the moments in the June 9 worship service

June 16:  Pastor Jenny's last service with us.  After 10:30 worship, join us for a fellowship potluck lunch with live music.  Bring a side dish or dessert to share; meat will be provided.  Rain or shine.

Each Sunday during fellowship, visit with Pastor Jenny, Shannon and the children.  Add your cards & pics to the scrapbook of memories of Pastor Jenny's time with us.