Opportunities for Senior Adults

Retiree’s Luncheon
Quarterly (ongoing)

Join with other retirees for this quarterly opportunity to enjoy a bounty of good food, a lively time of warm fellowship, and a rich and varied opportunity for learning.

These lunches are graciously hosted by Susan Maleszweski with support from Jeanne Ledbetter and Merrilee Jacobson. The program is provided by Lavon Page.

Questions? Contact Susan Maleszweski at maleszweski@sbcglobal.net

Senior Adult Activities
Quarterly Events and Outings (ongoing)

CUCC Religious Education Ministry is offering quarterly opportunities for senior adults to gather together and explore cultural and educational events in our community.
Outings will include such venues as
  • a visit to an art exhibit
  • viewing matinee film
  • attending a program at the City of Raleigh Senior Center 
  • taking in a theater production.
Questions? Contact Śānti Matthews at education.cucc@gmail.com