Please stay safe during the hurricane and its aftermath.  In case power goes out and we cannot update the website, confirm with your chair that a meeting will proceed.

The following CUCC events have been cancelled.

Monday Lunch Group (Monday, September 17)

"Speak No Evil:  Creating the US Constitution," (Campaign for Non-violence Week Monday ONLY, September 17)


About prayer service and donating supplies - posted September 12

Dear Community UCC,
If you can join us, there will be a Prayer Service tomorrow (Sunday) morning at 10:30 am where we will gather to pray for our neighbors, and to respond with our resources to those in need.

It's likely that you, like me, purchased extra supplies when the threat of a two-week power outage was looming earlier this week. The Triangle area UCC Clergy are partnering with the Miracle Relief Collaboration League, which was instrumental in the cleanup behind Hurricane Harvey, to gather resources for folks who have been especially affected by Florence.

You are invited to bring any supplies, or non-perishable food to church tomorrow. Items that are especially needed include  bottled water, paper goods, personal toiletries, cleaning supplies, cardboard boxes, and plastic bags for making relief kits and distributing items. We will bring our items forward as an offering which will be blessed so that it might bless others. Following worship we will gather, with hot coffee, to make plans for clean-up on our grounds as well as to connect with folks who are more vulnerable and in need of care. Come as you are; rainboots and all!

Please stay safe! If you are worried about getting out, about flooding, or trees falling, etc. stay home, and we will hold you close in Spirit. Finally, if you are in need, please let the church know so that we can reach out. CUCC folks are ready to help. Grady McCallie has a submersible pump if anyone's basement needs draining.

Spirit is leading the way, Jenny

A letter from Pastor Jenny - posted September 12

Dear Community UCC Members and Friends,
(long email, please read)

There is a frenzy in the air today. By now some of you are probably checking the weather forecast every hour, or, like me, thinking of how you’re going to entertain children (or a spouse!) for an unforeseeable amount of days.
…We are preparing for the storm, but we are not alone!

Psalm 46:1-2
God is our refuge and strength,
    a very present help in trouble.
Therefore we will not fear, though the earth should change,
    though the mountains shake in the heart of the sea;

Hurricane Florence is a category 4 storm and is slated to make landfall Friday morning. The Triangle may receive between 5-15 inches of rain Friday-Saturday, with a potential for heavy winds, flooding, and temporarily disrupted communications. Our primary objective as a faith community during this time is to work together to keep all of us and our neighbors safe. Therefore, Grady McCallie (Moderator) and I have decided that CUCC will NOT be holding worship services or other activities on Sunday morning.

It is our prayer that you will remain safe and connected throughout the weekend. Please connect with a friend, family member or neighbor who lives near you, particularly if you are in a less-resourced community. Let us know if you are feeling unprepared or in need of assistance, so that the church might help you in identifying your network of support, and pray with you during this time.
You are not alone.

Governor Cooper’s office has shared some important resources that I will attach to this email:
* Emergency Preparedness Kit flyer 
* ReadyNC app flyer 

In addition, the United Church of Christ has helpful information on the Disaster Ministries site.

As always, many of you will be looking for ways to respond to the needs of our immediate community. Jane Smith has shared an opportunity with us that you may wish to read: Women's Center Needs.

Our hope is that we will be able to communicate via email, and phone over the coming days, and via the church Facebook Group (Community United Church of Christ- please join!), but with or without direct communication know that we are holding you in prayer, and that "God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble."

Please feel free to contact Church Leadership at any time:
Jenny Shultz-Thomas, Pastor: (859) 361-4240
Grady McCallie, Moderator: (919) 802-7592
Jeanne Ledbetter, Deacon Chair: (919) 757-6358 / 919-851-8824
Śānti Matthews, Staff: (919) 961-8814

Additional helpful resources:
For life-threatening emergencies, call 911.
For a toll-free hotline to speak with a trained specialist, call 211. They can provide you information on shelters, evacuation routes, storm clean-up, volunteer needs, and locating food and water. The service is available 24/7.
For road closures, call 511.
For Coast Guard search and rescue, call 1-757-398-6700.
For help finding fuel/gas, visit or download the app.
For shelter locations, visit or call 888-892-1162.
For volunteer opportunities, visit

Spirit is leading the way,
Rev. Jenny Shultz-Thomas