Raleigh candidates respond on climate change

What do candidates for Raleigh mayor and city council have to say about climate change and our neighbors with the fewest financial resources to adapt?  The City of Raleigh will hold elections for mayor and city council on Tuesday, October 10.  CUCC's Justice in a Changing Climate Task Force asked Raleigh candidates the following question:

"As you help Raleigh adapt to climate change, what do you plan to do to make sure our residents with the fewest financial resources aren’t left behind?  Some of the expected effects of climate change are extremes of heat, asthma and heart issues, and storm intensity throughout the year."

We contacted all candidates for Mayor, City Council At-Large, and City Council District E.* Candidate responses are copied in their entirety from their email to us.**

This is a non-partisan, citizen education project.  Community United Church of Christ is a 501c3 organization and does not endorse candidates.

Candidate responses
Responses from candidates for City of Raleigh Mayor
Responses from candidates for Raleigh City Council, At-Large
Responses from candidates for Raleigh City Council, District E

Other voter information

Find your district  After your search, your voter information page includes where you vote and a link to print a copy of your ballot.

Register to vote  Final day to register Sept. 15

Schedule for early voting (begins Sept. 21)    Election day:  October 10

*City Council Districts A, B, C, and D are also fielding candidates, but we had a limited number of people working on this project and did not submit our question to them.  See who is running in those districts as well as in the Town of Cary.

**Candidates were informed that our publication deadline was September 9.  If candidates choose to submit a response after that date, we will do our best to update the response pages.