Letter from the Pastoral Search Committee

November 7, 2016

The members of Community UCC are thrilled to announce that we have finished our search for a new pastor.  On Sunday November 6, 2016, at a special congregational meeting after worship, Community United Church of Christ voted unanimously and enthusiastically to call Jenny Shultz-Thomas as our next settled pastor starting in January 2017.

Jenny is bright, warm and full of energy. She loves people and God. She is passionate about the Church, Family, Justice and the Earth. Jenny is a dynamic preacher and worship leader. She weaves Biblical scholarship, theology, intelligence, personal and national life events together to tell stories of God and of God’s people in order to call the hearers to action.

Jenny and her wife Shannon live in Durham and have two young children, Sage (3-1/2) and Quinn (16 months). She graduated Cum Laude from University of Kentucky with a BS in Family and Consumer Sciences. She obtained her Master of Divinity degree in 2008 from Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond where she also took classes at Union Presbyterian School of Christian Education in Richmond, VA.

Jenny’s first full-time job after Seminary was as associate pastor at Central Baptist Church in Lexington, KY.  In 2009, Jenny was ordained in the United Church of Christ and became full-time Associate Pastor for Youth & Young Adults at United Church of Chapel Hill where she has served for the last 7 years.

With the 2014 retirement of our most recent settled pastor Steve Halsted, Community United Church of Christ wished to understand anew who we are called to be as a church and Christians. To that end, we called Intentional Interim pastor Reverend Peg Williams in February of 2015.  Peg led a Transition Team that helped us explore the past, present and future of our Call. In May of 2016, the Deacons formed a Pastoral Search Committee to seek our new settled pastor, the person who would help us live into the people and the church we are today and wish to be tomorrow.

The search committee met, prayed, talked, laughed and cried, and reviewed the pastoral profiles of many wonderful people. All of these people are clearly called to do God’s work.

We believe that Jenny deeply fulfills what we set out to find in our next pastor. We share Jenny’s faith that God is calling her to Community UCC at this time in our lives. We think that you will too! Come see for yourself!

Pastor Shultz-Thomas’ Biosketch

- submitted by the Pastoral Search Committee