Working for Justice

Making donation boxes to support
Heifer Project
God's love isn't confined to the caring and learning we do as a gathered community.  Working for justice is at the heart of what we do together and in our daily lives.

Two ongoing Ministries provide us with opportunities to do justice:  Community Outreach Ministry mobilizes us to meet the current needs of our our neighbors, and Do Justice Ministry helps us advocate for structural changes toward justice. 

Coalition building at HKonJ
Currently, we have smaller groups focusing on particular areas of justice:  Economic Justice, Justice in a Changing Climate, supporting refugees in our community, and learning to be allies ("allyship').

We take seriously our responsibility to "raise up the next generation of spiritually growing, justice people."  Read about the justice work of our children and youth.

Resolutions are one way we raise our voice for justice and keep ourselves honest.
Serving a meal at the
Wright Center for Women