Refugee Services

CUCC is welcoming refugee families into our community with hands-on, tangible, personal support. The need is great. The need is now!

Refugee Family Sponsorship: After a series of "Refugee in Crisis" meetings in the church, a core group of volunteers decided to sponsor a refugee family under the auspices of Lutheran Services Carolina Refugee Ministries.  This group, which is headed by Suzette Roach, is working with Community Outreach Ministry. Furniture was acquired and hauled to the apartment Aug. 29-30. Thanks to Skip and Nancy, Suzette, Betsy, and Joan for their initial hard work. The refugees moved in August 31.

Our first refugee family consists of an Eritrean mother and teenage daughter, Azeb and Tsegawit. They arrived in Raleigh in mid-August, but they had no sponsor until we stepped up. Our first task was setting up their apartment: acquiring and unloading furniture, getting pots and pans and dishes, and furnishing basic cleaning supplies and tools. The work doesn't end there. The family required some initial help in the basics: getting to appointments, navigating public transportation, learning how to buy groceries, and all the kinds of things you would have to learn if you were dropped in the middle of a country halfway around the world! Our essential goal is for them acquire the skills for independent living.

Want to join the efforts? Contact Suzette Roach, Jo Perry, or anyone from the Community Outreach Ministry.

Refugee Update

February 9, 2017:  A big thanks this week to Santi Matthews in her support of Azeb and Tsegawit. Santi pitched in with a tremendous amount of help, from working with DSS and ESL courses to simply keeping their apartment warm and toasty. She's made a huge difference in their lives.

Azeb and Tsegawit continue to be part of our church community. They both joined the Youth Group for a large portion of the lock-in last Friday night. Tsegawit had an amazing time and Azeb enjoyed the company of other adults as well.

Money and services are always an issue with new refugee families. If you would like to contribute toward CUCC's refugee efforts, please write a check to CUCC and put "refugee fund" in the memo line.

Cleaning out your closets or making a run for back-to-school clothes?  Joan McAllister will take these items to Lutheran Services Carolinas for you.
  • Closed toed shoes for school (Children and Youth sizes - athletic shoes are great - new or used in good condition)
  • Clothes for teens in good condition
  • Bath towels
  • T-shirts for teen boys for gym class
  • Socks for children and teens

Talk to anyone from these CUCC groups who are actively working on refugee services.

CUCC Refugee Sponsorship - Suzette Roach/Jo Perry
Community Outreach Ministry - Maria Mayorga (chair)
CUCC liaison to Lutheran Services Carolinas Refugee Ministries - Joan McAllister
CUCC staff liaison - Śānti Matthews