What are your top 12 priorities for our pastoral leadership?

Please complete this pastoral leadership survey and put it in the offering plate or give to a member of the Transition Team BY MARCH 2O.

This survey is your final opportunity to provide your insights into our "messy  ministry" discussions during the transition time.  Survey results will be given to the Search Committee (when it is formed) for their use as they complete a Congregational Profile to describe our church to potential candidates for pastor.

The Congregational Profile has 38 substantial questions (the survey is question 32). Candidates look at the Profile to decide whether they would like to serve at CUCC; if interested, they can ask to be considered for the position. The UCC also uses the Congregational Profile to look for good matches between congregations and candidates in its files. Good matches will be forwarded to our search committee for consideration.

Transition Team: Tim Jensen, Joan McAllister, Grady McCallie, Fawn Pattison, Suzette Roach, Jane Smith, Peg Williams