Pastoral Relations Committee

We would like to inform the congregation that a Pastoral Relations Committee has been formed in accordance with the church's Bylaws. This committee will be a standing committee that seeks to support and maintain an open and healthy relationship between the pastor and members of the congregation.

The committee’s current members are Ellen Beidler, Marty Lamb, Jeanne Ledbetter, Todd Lipman, and David Sigmon.

While the specific details of the role of the committee within the church are still under development, the two primary purposes of the committee are to serve as an advisory group to the pastor and as support for the pastor's leadership. As an advisory group, the goal is for the committee to share ideas, dreams, hopes, expectations, and concerns of the congregation with the pastor in a constructive manner. As support for the pastor, the goal of the committee is to interpret roles, functions, and needs of the pastor to the congregation.

As the Pastoral Relations Committee continues to develop, we will provide more information about its role within the church over the coming weeks and months.

 - Submitted by David Sigmon November 1, 2015