How do I pledge to the work of Community UCC?

What will you pledge of your time and your money to be part of the work of Love through CUCC?

For 2019 there are two pledge forms to complete.  One describes your financial intentions.  The other allows you to offer your talents for some of the many short-term tasks that we do together (everything from greeting at worship to making food for the Wright Center).

Making your pledges for 2020 of money, time and talents

Print the two forms above or use the ones that came in your mail.  Put your pledges in the offering plate or mail them to the church office.  Extra pledge forms are available from the ushers on Sundays.

Pledge and donation FAQs

What is the Stewardship Campaign (a.k.a. "pledge drive")?
Each September, budget requests are submitted for our next year's expenses.  At the same time, the seven ministries evaluate the many small tasks that engage us in ministry in the world and to one another.  Pledge cards are distributed to the members and friends of CUCC to determine financial and time support. An annual budget is then drawn up and ministries evaluate which projects have enough people to move forward.  The money that is given in the "open plate collection" and your spontaneous offers to pitch in are appreciated, but cannot be depended upon to set salaries or commit to long-term projects.

When is the pledge drive?  The Stewardship Ministry collects our pledges of money, time and talents in the fall to assist them in preparing a proposed church budget and the Nominating Committee in preparing a slate of officers.  They request we submit both our financial and time and talents pledges before Pledge Sunday, November 10, 2019. Both the 2020 budget and slate of officers will approved in a congregational meeting January 26, 2020 at noon.

Who can pledge? Anyone!  You do not have to be a member of CUCC to pledge support.  Just fill out the pledge forms and turn them in.

How much should I pledge? The amount you pledge is less important than the commitment you will make to support something you believe in deeply.  The tasks that need your help may need people weekly, monthly or from time to time.  The annual church budget for 2019 was around $300,000.  Individual pledges of time and money vary tremendously.

Where does our pledge money go? It goes for everything in the church budget, including operating expenses such as staff salaries, office supplies, utilities and insurance, but it also pays for all of our educational, outreach, justice, and spiritual ministries.

What if I make a pledge and am unable to fulfill it? We know that you made your pledge in good faith, but your circumstances may have changed. If you cannot serve as you had hoped, tell the leader of the project.  Let the Assistant Treasurer know if you will not be able to fulfill your financial pledge. Even more important, remember we are your church family.  Please talk to the pastor if there is anything we can do to assist you during this time of change in your life.

How will I know if I am up to date with my financial giving? Mid-summer the Assistant Treasurer will prepare a status report for you.  The CUCC Weekly eNews will announce when those letters are ready for you to pick up after worship.

Are my financial donations tax deductible? Yes.  Community United Church of Christ is a 501(c)(3) organization and your donations are tax deductible.

When will my tax documents be available? The Assistant Treasurer prepares a letter summarizing your donations in January.  The CUCC Weekly News will announce when those letters are ready for you to pick up after worship.

Are there other ways to support CUCC? Yes!  In addition to the short-term tasks described in the Time and Talents pledge form, you are invited to be part of the planning that supports our long-time and brand new projects.  Learn about how the Nominating Committee can help you discern how to offer your time and talents in a year-long commitment.