Stewardship Opportunities

After-worship party
to mix "green"
household cleansers
What we do at Community UCC is possible because people contribute their energy, money, and things.  We give because we are inspired by God's love and are excited by what this church does.

Find a ministry match that is right for you.  There is so much you could do to be part of the work of this church:  garden, attend a protest, teach, sing in the choir, set up for fellowship time, usher, the CUCC Carbon Neutral plan....

Donate money to pay for CUCC's year-round work.  What you give supports change in the community, pays our staff, and keeps the lights on.

Donate      Pledge 

Be part of the CUCC team for one of these efforts in the community.  Throughout the year, CUCC learns about the immediate needs of our neighbors.

group photo of Walk for Hope team
The Youth Group leads our
Walk for Hope team
By tradition we have joined the United Church of Christ and the community in these annual fundraising appeals. (links describe recent campaigns)

United Church of Christ:  One Great Hour of Sharing (spring), Neighbors in Need (September), Christmas Fund (Christmas eve)

Community:  CROP Walk (October), Walk for Hope (October)  

Our members participate in a variety of fundraisers and projects; let us amplify your work.  If you have a cause you'd like to share, please post on our Facebook page.
Some thoughts on teaching children about giving

several dozen people in rows of chairs are watching the auctioneer
Bidding at the Family Fun Auction
Don't miss this fun-d-raising event

CoBid-19 Auction -   (description from Summer 2020)