How do I get involved?

Offer to help.  It's about that simple.

See something advertised in the CUCC Weekly eNews?  Show up and pitch in.  This is a great place to start if you are a do-er.

Have an interest, but don't know if Community UCC is involved?  Talk to the pastor who can put you in touch with a group that shares your interest.

Have a skill or talent you enjoy using?  The pastor can introduce you to people who do work that fits you.

Not sure what you want to do?  Browse the information on CUCC's website describing the ministries, committees, and task forces that plan the work of the congregation.  You'll find descriptions of what they do as well as projects they are currently leading.

Here's a quick description to get you started:  Two ministries help us reach beyond ourselves by planning the direct service (Community Outreach) and advocacy (Social Justice) work of the church.  Two task forces (Economic Justice and Justice in a Changing Climate) help the congregation keep the commitments we have made. To nurture our spiritual growth, five ministries encourage our life together:  Deacons (worship, arts, and caring for each other in time of need), Property (caring for and improving our building and grounds), Religious Education (Sunday morning and throughout the week), Stewardship (gifts of time, talents and money), and Welcoming and Fellowship (building friendships, welcoming newcomers, and communications).

Contact any person in the group to ask questions about whether this might be a good fit for you; check the Breeze tag for the group to get contact information.  You can offer your help with a project (for instance, usher during worship, or help cook a shelter meal, or make a banner), or become one of the planners who make projects happen. 

How does the Nominating Committee fit in?  Community UCC has an annual process for helping people assess how they want to be involved in the work of the church.  The Nominating Committee invites people to recommit to their current work or change to something new. If you aren't currently involved in a ministry or committee, you are likely to get a call from one of them in the fall.  Talk with them about your interests, your skills, and your time constraints.  But please don't wait until fall to become part of the life of the church!