How can you help me teach my children about giving?

Youth holds sign reading Nature Resources Preservation
Advocacy is a gift
Your family will build your own traditions as you share God's by love serving people in need.  CUCC offers opportunities which you can use as teachable moments to pass along what you value and why to your children and teens.  The ideas below invite gifts of time, commitment, or money.

Children's Sunday School project - Each year the children vote on a project to support with the donations they give during Sunday School.  A special offering time gives them an opportunity to provide financial support to a project that means something to them.  Values to share: deciding which groups to support.

Christmas project - Christmas can be a challenge for parents who want to help their children think beyond their own wishes for presents.  One way to balance that is to take your child shopping for the Sunday School Christmas project.  These are inexpensive items which the children can select with you, then bring to Sunday School.  Last year the children encouraged the congregation to provide items for Salvation Army Christmas stockings.  Values to share:  giving at Christmas, leading your church in a project you care about.

children stand in a row behind a wildly growing garden with large pumpkin in foreground
Plant a Row for the Hungry
Plant a Row for the Hungry garden - Each year the children plant seeds in cups, then take those seedlings to plant a garden of vegetables and flowers.  The vegetables are donated to the Inter-faith Food Shuttle.  Each week the children harvest the vegetables and weigh them to measure their progress.  This hands-on project allows the children to do something that isn't about stores and money.  There is always a need for families to water the garden during the week; talk to Mrs. Anne Bailey if your family would like to take a turn.  Values to share:  committing time and skills to help others, care of creation, making a commitment to serve over a period of time.

Making a pledge - The Stewardship Campaign (October/November) invites us to make a pledge to donate to the church's work in the coming year.  Your child or teen is invited to pledge, too.  Values to share:  what CUCC does that you want to support, how you decide how much to give, giving habits from income

a group of two dozen CUCC walkers face the camera with smiles
Youth-led Walk for Hope team
CROP Walk - Whether your child rides in a wagon or walks the one mile through downtown, the CROP Walk allows your child to see many people working together to take care of those in need in our community.  Community UCC has a team you can join.  As your child gets older, you could show them how to ask friends and family to support them as they walk or to join them in walking.  Values to share:  do's and don'ts of asking for support for a fundraising event, where does the money go, serving with friends.

Walk for Hope - The Youth Group sponsors this project, so it is the next step after CROP Walk as your child matures.  Values:  build on your CROP Walk discussions

Youth service projects - In a three year rotation, the youth group dedicates a week to serve:  locally, in our region, and internationally.  The youth group raises funds to pay for expenses for team of youth and adults.  Throughout the year, they select smaller, local projects of service (for instance, cooking and serving a meal at the Wright Center).  Values:  making and keeping commitments to serve, raising funds so others can afford to go, presence as service, delayed gratification, serving when it isn't fun (and when it is)