Giving money to the work of CUCC

What gifts - financial and time - will you offer toward
the work of Love through CUCC?
Whether you are making a one-time donation or contributing toward the pledge you made, here's how to give:

Write a check.  Make checks payable to "Community UCC."   If your gift is for a special offering, add that information on the memo line.  Place your check in the offering plate or mail it to Community UCC, 814 Dixie Trail, Raleigh, NC  27607.

Set up a online bank payment.  Talk to your credit union or bank about setting up a draft to Community UCC from your account.

Give stock.  Community UCC has set up a Scottrade account to accept your stock donation.  All stocks are sold immediately; no attempt is made to time sales to maximize profits.  The Treasurer can help you with transferring your stock to the Scottrade account.

oval, red plastic coin purse with the words "UCC Change Agent"
Use a CUCC coinpurse.  Collect your weekly change and add it to the collection plate.  These donations will not be tracked for your tax-donation letter or your pledge. Members who use automatic draft or write monthly checks say that giving their coins allows them to put something in the offering plate weekly.  Get your CUCC coinpurse from Joan McAllister for $1.00.

Donate using PayPal.  Paypal reduces your donation by 2.2% +30 cents for each transaction.  Consider increasing your gift to cover the PayPal fee.  (For example, a $100 donation gives CUCC $ 97.50; a fee of $2.20 + 0.30 = $2.50 is kept by PayPal.  If you were to increase your gift to $103, CUCC would receive the $100 you intended.)

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