Solar Celebration (with solar panel update) - April 19

The small picnic shelter is on the path downhill
from the yellow gate on the traffic entrance circle.
How to find us below
On April 19 (the Sunday before Earth Day), Community UCC will celebrate progress-to-date on the CUCC Solar Array Project.   We are hosting a Solar Celebration, an informal party on the greenway at Anderson Point Park in Wake County, and will be inviting the donors from the wider community.  If you are free, we would love to have you join us. Friends and family are welcome.

Small picnic shelter
At 2PM we’ll gather at the small picnic shelter  (photo right) for cake and a quick update on our progress toward the solar array funding goal.  The rest of the time is free for enjoying the park together.  The greenway stretches in two directions from the picnic area and should be lovely for strolling or running.
There are also a playground and some big fields for kicking a ball around.  Sam Woodrum will be bringing a frisbee.  I’m sure some folks will choose to stay at the shelter to chat.  The path to our shelter is paved and bathrooms adjacent to our shelter are clean and pleasant.

We thought this would be a lovely place for people who share a love for the environment to get to know one another.  We have no idea whether there will be 5 or 50 in attendance, but Gary and I will be there rain or shine!

This Solar Celebration is part of a week of CUCC festivities including the April 18 Family Fun Auction and April 25/26 Church-Wide Outdoor Event and Camping.

How to find us in the park
Anderson Point Park is at the end of Anderson Point road.  A large overflow parking lot is on your left just before the bridge which crosses I495 into the park; you may need to return to this lot to park.  After you cross the bridge you come to a traffic circle (top photo).  The path downhill past the yellow gate goes to the small picnic shelter where we'll gather at 2PM.  Also on the circle is access to a smaller, 50 car parking lot.

- submitted by Jane Smith for the Justice in a Changing Climate Task Force