Sermons Prior to 2015

This is a collection of sermons delivered at Community UCC prior to 2015 . Regular archiving of sermons began in January 2015. Most of the earlier archived sermons are video or audio recordings from special occasions in earlier years.

Each sermon is accompanied by one or more icons to indicate the formats available for that particular sermon. The three symbols are explained below. Sermons accompanied by multiple symbols are available in multiple formats.

Represents text files, most commonly PDF format. A printable text version is available for all sermons marked by this icon.

Represents audio files. These sermons are available as mp3 files which can be played within your web browser or on any Android or Apple device.

Represents videos. Most all of these are hosted at Vimeo or YouTube. The recent ones are available in high definition (HD). They too can be enjoyed on most any modern mobile device as well as on computers.

Rev. Steve Halsted - November 16, 2014
Stewardship Sermon

Rev. Steve Halsted - April 27, 2014

Joy Alford - April 13, 2014
Palm Sunday

Rev. Cally Rogers-Witte - October 2012
Return Visit to CUCC

Rev. Carol Ripley-Moffitt - September 30, 2012
Return Visit to CUCC

Rev. David Barber - September 23, 2012
Return Visit to CUCC

Rev. John Lackey - September 16, 2012
Return Visit to CUCC

Rev. Steve Halsted - August 26, 2014

Rev. Collins Kilburn - August 19, 2014
Return Visit to CUCC

Mike Evans - July 18, 2010
Radiant Disciple of Christ

Maggie Stoddard - August 19, 2007
Return Visit to CUCC

Hunter Thompson - March 3, 2005
Hunter Thompson enters the ministry

Rev. David Barber - September 1, 1996
Holy Ground, Holy Justice

Rev. Collins Kilburn - January 8, 1964
Radical Christianity