Welcoming Sunday is September 7

Welcoming Sunday is our Homecoming.  Join us as we welcome everyone back from the summer with a variety of activities: games, crafts, music, projects - and food!  Worship is in the sanctuary at 10:30, and the after-church festivities begin immediately afterward in the churchyard between the sanctuary and the fellowship hall. A potluck lunch will be held in the fellowship hall around 12:30.

Special Invitation: Claim your 30-seconds of fame!

This year the theme of Welcoming Sunday will be the Extravagant Welcome which is extended to everyone. Invite family, friends and neighbors to visit with us. The lunch focus will be on local foods. We are all aware that a food distribution system that relies on long distance transportation of food products is inefficient. So we encourage folks to consider bringing a dish that includes locally produced food. This is not only environmentally sound but supports local farmers and producers. But in any case bring a dish to share and join us on September 7. All are welcome!

[Note: If your church group wishes to have a project table at the Welcoming Sunday festivities, please let Robert Parrish or Lavon Page know as soon as possible. Project tables will be set up outdoors this year (weather permitting), and advance planning will be required to position the various activities.]