“Sundae” Sunday – July 6, 2014

What?  You say you miss seeing the flying watermelon seeds from Gary Smith or the Kiels?  By now, you probably thought you would have heard or seen something about P2E.  Well, what happened was this:  The Watermelon Growers Association, Inc. sent a memo to CUCC stating, “Due to the massive number of seeds used for this event, you have caused a watermelon shortage!” So, therefore, they have begged us to not have the P2E competition this year to allow the growers to catch up on production.

Well, maybe that is a slight exaggeration, but Welcoming, Fellowship, & Growth has decided to take a break from the P2E competition this year and instead, celebrate the Fourth of July with a “Sundae” Sunday event.  It will take place during fellowship time immediately after the 10:30am worship service in the Fellowship Hall on Sunday, July 6th.  You will be able to make yourself a cool, patriotic ice cream Sundae as you fellowship with friends and visitors.

As we enjoy our frozen treats, we will be privileged to enjoy some wonderful slides of the American wilderness and American parks that our very own Mike Schafale took on some of his extensive travels.  Mike will be happy to talk with anyone interested about any of the slides shown.

So, let’s give the watermelon growers a break as we enjoy our Sunday Sundaes.

Submitted by Robert Parrish for Welcoming, Fellowship, and Growth