Where can I recycle at CUCC?

Bulletin: brown wooden container in narthex

White paper, chipboard, flattened cardboard, and newspaper: green recycling curbside container under kitchen table

Cans, glass jars, plastic drink bottles: green recycling trashcan in kitchen

Batteries (not leaking):  hand to Jane or Gary Smith.  Do not put them on the shelf in the fellowship hall - fire and battery acid hazard.

Florescent light bulbs - tube and CFL (unbroken): hand to Jane or Gary Smith  Do not put them on the shelf in the fellowship hall - toxic mercury vapor hazard if broken.

Bottle caps:  No need collect bottle caps anymore!   Local municipalities are now recycling plastic bottle caps attached to their bottles.   Aveda no longer accepts them, so do not bring them to Aveda or to church!   Just rinse your empty bottle out and screw the cap back on before tossing the bottle into your recycling bin.   (They do not accept loose bottle caps!)  Raleigh has updated its recycling webpage so that it is much more specific, and helpful.  And here is Cary's recycling webpage.

Willing to collect an item from others at CUCC for cooperative recycling? Call Jane Smith.