Entering the Transition Zone

The Deacons have asked all of us at Community UCC to be part of the process of preparing for and searching for a new pastor.  Their first request is that we become familiar with the Local Church Profile, a document which we will complete together that will help candidates decide if we might be a place they are called to serve. Read through the document and, if there is a part you would be willing to help compile, contact one of the Deacons.  They will have more details for us soon.

Meanwhile, the Deacons are meeting with Nora Foust, the Eastern North Carolina Association Minister for Church Affairs, to learn more about the United Church of Christ's recommended process for calling a new pastor and for the transition time between pastorates.  You can learn about that process at A Pilgrimage Through Transitions and New Beginnings.  Please pray for the Deacons as they help us initiate this time of transition.

We are blessed that Steve Halsted continues to serve as our pastor through the remainder of 2014 and look forward to joyful months of ministry together.