Sunday morning study of Proverbs to begin Jan. 19

Every year thousands of books are written to address self-help or that have titles beginning with—*"How to* . . ." By reading these books you can learn how to paint like a pro, how to get a job, how to get a mortgage or even a nightclub gig. You can read about how to buy a car, real estate or
how to start a small business or fix a personal computer. You can learn how to be a better athlete, a better golfer, a fashion designer, a good dancer etc etc. Experts out there will attempt to make *you* an expert at all sorts of things from picking lottery numbers, to losing five pounds fast or even bearing children.

All these books are really attempting to do is to offer us *wisdom*— in one area or another. Books like these proliferate because we all need wisdom to live successfully. Wisdom brings success and prosperity in our work, in dealings with family and friends, and in our relationship with God. There
are books in the Bible known as Wisdom books - and you may find these much more useful then those “how to” books at the book store.  One book specializing in this wisdom is Proverbs. 

Join the Sunday morning inductive Bible Study as we focus on reading and discussing the wisdom of Proverbs.

- submitted by Joy Alford