HKonJ People's Assembly

The eighth H K on J (Historical Thousands on Jones Street) is scheduled for Saturday, February 8, 9:30AM to 12:30PM.  Below find a description of HKonJ, schedule of events, getting there, logistics, a request that you offer housing for out-of-town participants, and information on the ASP Jersey Mike's lunch/fundraiser.  Map for HKonJ    Map for HKonJ with Jane's parking ideas

Young CUCC member holds "Save Same-Day Registration" sign at 2013 HKonJ
What is HKonJ?

Moral Mondays and legislative actions in North Carolina have gained national attention, and this year's Assembly is expected to have people coming in large numbers, not only from over the state but from out of state as well.  CUCC is a Coalition Partner for H K on J and we hope that many people from our congregation will join the thousands planning to participate.

The People's Moral Agenda for 2014:
Economic Sustainability, Alleviating Poverty and Expanding Labor Rights
Fully-Funded Constitutional Education
Healthcare for All - Protecting Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, Women's Health and the Affordable Health Care Act
Addressing Disparities in the Criminal Justice System
Protecting/Expanding Voting Rights and Civil Rights
Environmental Justice
Fair and Just Immigration Reform
Equal Protection Under the Law Regardless of Race, Income, Gender, or Sexual Orientation

Community United Church of Christ banner
Meet at CUCC's banner
Schedule of Events  Map for HKonJ
March participants will gather at Shaw University on South Street between Wilmington Street and Blount Street at 9:30 a.m.
The march will begin at 10:30 a.m.
The Assembly will be at the State Capitol this year with people gathering on Fayetteville Street in front of the building. (This location to be confirmed.)
The Rally will begin after the marchers have arrived at the Capitol.

Getting there***
With thousands expected, parking will be tight.  Many roads to downtown are closed for HKonJ and for the Krispy Kreme Challenge.
If you plan to march and would like to carpool, gather at the Dixie Trail parking lot at CUCC at 9:00.
If you plan to march and would like to take the CAT bus, meet Robert Parrish at the Dixie Trail parking lot at CUCC at 8:30.  Bring $2 in cash.
If you plan to march but want to drive, you can park on some streets near Shaw but can also use Raleigh City Parking Decks nearby.  Here are Jane's suggestions for how to get to these parking decks because of road closures.
If you would like to join the march, which is about 1.25 miles, but are uncomfortable marching, you can board a tram near Shaw.  The tram will also return to Shaw following the rally for anyone who would like to use it.
If you would like to attend just the rally, go directly to the State Capitol Building.  Check for nearby parking.  Again, beware of road closures.
If you want to attend just the rally and would like to carpool, check with Joan McAllister about a second car pool from CUCC at 10:00 a.m.

***Avoiding the Krispy Kreme Challenge

With the Krispy Kreme Challenge occupying Hillsborough, Peace, St. Mary's, Boylan, N. Blount, and N. Person Streets, plan your drive downtown to avoid those.  Here are Jane's suggestions to avoid closed streets.  View the K2C route

Some seating is available at the Rally for seniors and people who are disabled.  Porta-johns are available at both locations.   Please dress for the weather. You may want to bring your own chair if you are not comfortable standing for a period of time.

Will You House Out-of-Towners for HK on J?
Possibly thousands of people will be coming from out of town and out of state.  Some of them who don't have family or friends in the area will need a place to rest their heads. Can you offer a place for some of these folk to stay Friday and/or Saturday night?  If so, please email or call Gray Woodard.

After HKonJ Lunch is an ASP fundraiser
Consider grabbing your lunch at the Jersey Mike's at 2712 Hillsborough Street after HKonJ.  Between 11:30am and 2:30pm, Jersey Mike's will give 15% of their proceeds to CUCC's Appalachia Service Project team.  Remember to say you came to support CUCC's ASP team!

The Krispy Kreme Challenge is over by noon, and roads will be open after that time.  If you want to eat  between 11:30 and noon, remember to approach Jersey Mike's from the WEST.

Additional information can be found at HKonJ, including links to parking decks and forms to volunteer as a Marshal for the march.  You can also call 866-626-2227 or 919-682-4700.  Joan McAllister can answer questions about the event.

Be a part of history!  Stand in solidarity with others to move North Carolina forward!

Submitted by Shirley Birt
Economic Justice Task Force