"This is a good way to learn about the church and to meet people. I've learned who people are and know their names now. Being an usher is an easy first step to being a part of the church." - Sam Johnson

The Ushers are a committee of the Deacons Ministry who are the behind-the-scenes hosts at the 10:30 worship service on Sunday mornings. We do everything from unlocking and locking the building, to handing out bulletins, to tidying the sanctuary after the service. If someone needs the hearing amplifiers or would like to be served communion at her seat, we're the ones whom they tell.

2020 Usher's Schedule

Ushers' Duties - Sunday worship        short version    really short version
Ushers' Duties - Memorial Service
How to collect the offering
Instructions for Using Wireless Microphone

When do you meet?

We don't! Each usher chooses one or two months each year. We are responsible for ushering at all of the 10:30 worship services and any special services (ex. Ash Wednesday, funerals, church-wide celebrations). We swap with each other when scheduling conflicts arise.

How can I help?

  • Collect the offering; ask the usher by 10:20am.
  • Usher at special events; some of our ushers have day jobs and aren't available to usher at day services or funerals
  • Usher one month of Sundays.