Sacraments and Chancel

"I have always loved gardening and flowers, and have wanted to learn how to use them in different settings. Being on the committee has been a great learning experience, and you find out that this congregation is very gracious and appreciative of whatever we have offered." - Carol Kepler

Sacraments and Chancel serves under the Deacons Ministry to enhance the beauty of the church and sanctuary with flowers or natural arrangements. We welcome all who would like to participate. Prior to the Sunday service, the members of this group take turns at furnishing both a communion table arrangement and banner selection appropriate to the church season. Additional duties include providing the Communion setup about once a year and helping with the overall Christmas planning and decorating.

In observance of Reformation Sunday, the communion table depicts the three pillars of the Protestant Reformation: justification by faith, the authority of scripture, and the priesthood of all believers.

The communion table arrangements are a visual interpretation of the theme for worship. Some arrangers choose to use flowers and greenery from their gardens. Others share special collections: shells or candles or driftwood.

Flowers in memory or honor of someone, for celebrations or in thanksgiving
If you wish to give altar flowers in memory or honor of someone, in celebration or thanksgiving, let the Sacraments and Chancel Committee know. There are several options: create an arrangement yourself, have someone on our committee arrange one using your input, or use a commercial florist. You can write the specific dedication for the bulletin that Sunday, too.  Contact Susan Hasbrouck at least a month ahead to discuss dates and details.