"It is neat to see how things work from the inside out. Being a Deacon takes the responsibilities of spiritual leadership to a new level. It is a privilege to be designated as one who guides the faith and spiritual growth of others. It is also challenging and I'm growing in this work." - Robert

The Deacons Ministry is responsible for the spiritual leadership of the church. We guide worship and care for members in need. We also care for and evaluate the staff.

Through the informal networks of friendship, shared work or a shared pew, we seek to be Christ to one another. Yet sometimes we need more than a listening ear or a hug. If you find yourself needing more support:

  • Call the pastor to request a time to speak with him privately. We encourage you not to use email because it doesn’t provide privacy.
  • Call the office to ask to be added to the congregation’s prayer list. Those for whom we pray are listed weekly in the worship bulletin.
  • Place your prayer request in a Prayer Jar. You'll find them on the prayer jar table in the narthex and on a side table in the Pilgrim House living room. The Monday Lunch Group prays weekly those prayers found in the jars. Include as much or little detail as you desire.
  • Speak to someone on the Caring Committee.

    Live Your Faith

    • Recommend a great retreat location for individuals or groups.
    • Suggest or offer to lead a spiritual growth seminar.
    • Suggest a leadership training opportunity and attend yourself.
    • Help create a visitation program.
    • Explore ways to welcome members of the local campus community.
    • Pray for the Deacons as they develop as a team.