Caring Committee

"This work reminds me of the passage in James - our faith being shown through our actions. This ministry gives you a chance to do something. It's a covenant community; multiple levels of connectivity between people help us become a church family. We care about each other and we care what happens. This work is not theoretical." - Bill

The Caring Committee is a committee of the Deacons Ministry. We coordinate ministry to and support of members of the congregation when they are confronting health crises or personal problems. We're there to provide support in whatever way we can. Everyone does not want the same kind of support and we do our best to be respectful of boundaries. Most often we are providing help during a short-term crisis. We celebrate, too - births, major anniversaries and birthdays, etc. A behind-the-scenes but fun project is our monthly "thank you" to someone who shares abundantly his or her many gifts of ministry with the congregation.

Most of our work consists of thinking through how to supplement and interconnect the caregiving already being done by members of the congregation. Where additional resources are needed (more drivers or meals or visits), we try to find others in the congregation who are willing to help.

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What Do We Do?

  • Send cards of encouragement and celebration.
  • Cook a meal for someone with a family crisis.
  • Coordinate support (meals, visitors, transportation) for a member in short-term crisis.
  • Be a personal shopper (groceries, presents) for someone home-bound.
  • Drive someone to appointments or to the store.
  • Visit someone who can't leave home easily.
  • Play bridge with someone home-bound.
  • Telephone regularly to check-in with someone who is alone.
  • Contribute to the Pastor's Discretionary Fund (an off-budget item) which provides for the financial emergencies of members.
  • Inform the Caring Committee of people in the congregation who might need support or who are celebrating something special (a birth, a big anniversary or birthday).
  • Check-in with someone you haven't seen at church in a while to find out if the person is okay; let the pastor know what you learn.
  • Think about how CUCC can care for our people, how we can best mobilize our resources of support, and how we can connect caregivers - join the Caring Committee.

What should I do if I know of someone in the congregation who needs support?

Call the pastor to discuss anything confidential, especially the need for pastoral care. The Caring Committee, too, is rich with trained listening ears - ordained and lay - so you are welcome to contact us if you need to talk about your role as a caregiver or if you are facing a challenge yourself.

For financial support, talk to Steve. For other tangible support (meals, visits, cards), call Caring. To request prayer, place a note in the prayer jar in the narthex or Pilgrim House and/or call Steve to ask to be put on the prayer list posted in the bulletin. Remember to let us know when to remove your name from the prayer list after the crisis has passed.

Remember, if you know about the need, then you may be in the best position to provide support to the person and to keep us informed of ongoing needs. Consider yourself part of the person's support team and an ad hoc member of the Caring Committee!

Your Wishes at the Time of Your Death

This document allows you to have on file at the church such things as emergency contact information, actions to be taken in an emergency, and last wishes for the celebration of your life at the time of your death.