Arts in Worship

"The arts enrich our worship experience collectively and personally." - Peg

Arts in Worship is a committee of the Deacons Ministry. We seek to provide artistic avenues for worshipping God and to assist the artists among us in sharing their experiences of worship. People of all ages are welcome to contribute their artistic gifts.

Ways to offer your talents
  • Display your two-dimensional art on the art wall as an inspiration to others.
  • Sing with the Chancel Choir or the Folk Group.
  • Play an instrument or sing during worship on Sundays when the choirs aren't singing.
  • Write a song for the congregation to sing.
  • Use your acting skill to read/interpret scripture in worship.
  • Create a banner for the sanctuary.
  • Photograph or dance your interpretation of a theme or passage.
  • Assist in the planning and implementation of arts-based worship.
  • Serve on the committee to make your visions for arts in worship a reality.
Recent Art Wall Exhibits

Permanent Collection
Artist: Autumn Cobeland
Artist: Linda Baker
Artist: Linda Baker
Given in celebration of the partnership between
CUCC and the Church of the Rhineland
Artist: Linda Baker
Given in celebration of the Children and Youth of CUCC
and of Lynda Waterman's "Aunt Jim" Jessie Werff