The 25th Annual Walk For Hope is Almost Here!

(The favorite service project of many CUCC Youth and families!)
Don’t miss it! Come walk, help out, feel great, and have a fantastic Angus Barn lunch!
Details are below:

Sunday, October 13: WALK FOR HOPE - Walk to benefit quality care and research for those with mental illness. This walk takes place during worship and is the way our youth will worship and share God's love on this special day every year. If you can't come to the walk, remember that there will be no Church School this Sunday!

How do I register?
If you want to participate in the Walk for Hope on Sunday, October 13, please register ASAP. Register at; if you have participated in previous years, login with your email and password (if you don’t recall your password, you can ask to have it reset and you will be sent an email). If you have not participated before, select register, then fill in every required field. Community UCC is our team name. Repeat if there are more of you to register. Each individual has to be entered separately. You can make donations at this point as well. Every little bit helps!

What time do we meet?
We will meet at 9:30 at the registration area, but it takes a good while to get there, as you have to park at the airport and take a shuttle. Please allow plenty of time.  I will have my cell phone with me. If you have trouble finding our group, call Śānti's cell phone.

Where do we park?
All walk/run participants park in the Walk for Hope parking lot (Raleigh Durham Airport Park & Ride Lot # 5 on Commerce Blvd just off Lumley Road click below for map) where you can ride a shuttle to and from the Angus Barn. There are signs along 540, Hwy 70 and Lumley Road that will direct you to this parking lot. Please do not drop off participants in front of the Angus Barn! There is too much traffic in front of the Angus Barn and this is very dangerous.

What if I want my t-shirt before the walk so I don't have to change or carry a shirt?
I will have shirts at my house by 6:00 on Thursday night. Call me if you want to arrange pick-up.

What if I need a ride to the walk?
Contact Śānti.

What if I just want to contribute funds?
You can go to the Walk for Hope website, and follow the directions to contribute online. You can contribute to a walker or our team in general.
What if I don't have any Walk for Hope questions?
Then you can stop reading this email.... oh, too bad, it's already over.

- submitted by Śānti and the CUCC Youth