Rich Park Apartments voter registration drive, Sep. 8

A small task - registering to vote - becomes a challenge if you can't afford a car or aren't able to drive.
You can make a difference, one life at a time.  Folks at CUCC are organizing a voter registration drive at Rich Park Apartments where CUCC has long ties (see below). The management company has welcomed us and will be giving residents flyers informing them that CUCC teams will be coming to their doors in pairs.  We need 30 volunteers; young volunteers are welcome to come with their parents.  We will begin with a mandatory training so you can answer questions about the simple voter registration application form, absentee ballot form, and early voting.  We also hope to learn which residents would like help obtaining a photo ID (required for 2016 elections).  Our 2014 plan is to assist those who request help; we are waiting for the NC Board of Elections to set implementation guidelines.

Sunday, Sept. 8 (confirmed)
Training at 3 at CUCC, canvassing 4-6.
Call Jane Smith (919-787-6539) or sign up on the Vaughan Wing bulletin board if you are willing to help.  Bev Stolarick is handling logistics at Rich Park, Jane is handling training.

Rich Park Apartments are located at 555 Method Road in Raleigh (near Neomonde and the Raulston Arboretum).

RICH Park Housing

Raleigh InterChurch Housing was born in 1968 with the dream of creating low cost housing where anyone could live without regard to race. Five congregations - three black and two white - joined together to utilize a federal Housing and Urban Development (HUD) program to build 100 apartment units on Method Road.

In 2008, RICH Park Housing celebrated 40 years of ministry. With the end of the HUD program, RICH Park continues to provide low cost housing in a mixed income development. The consortium of five congregations has rededicated themselves to providing oversight through a professional property management company. An on-site manager organizes a variety of programs for residents. Some of the slots for RICH Board of Directors are designated to come from Community UCC.

RICH Park Housing Congregations are Community United Church of Christ, Cosmopolitan Baptist Church, Davie Street Presbyterian Church, First Baptist Church (Wilmington Street), Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Raleigh