Moral Mondays and Forward Together

CUCC banner at Moral Monday
Thanks to Geoffrey Frank of UCCH
for this photo of CUCC's banner
at Moral Monday
Volunteers needed
RICH Park Housing voter registration drive (Sep. 8, 3-6pm) - sign up with Jane or Bev

Recharge for the work - Moral Mondays ad hoc group meetings - joyful, energizing, action-oriented.
Next meeting:  August 25, 9:15am, Vaughan Fellowship Hall

Weekly updates on projects in the works & upcoming Forward Together events

Background on CUCC and Moral Mondays/Forward Together

Sparked by the NC legislative session of 2013, the NAACP of North Carolina sent out a call to the HKonJ coalition to gather in Raleigh to proclaim a more loving vision for our state.  Called Moral Mondays, these weekly assemblies were part celebration and part protest.  Inspired by speeches and chants, the crowd stood in witness to the General Assembly.  Some among those gathered chose to risk arrest as they took their message to their legislators in the building.

Members of CUCC responded to the call, prompted by the 2012 vote of the congregation to seek economic justice for all.  Dozens attended the rallies; a handful chose to risk arrest (p. 9).  As Moral Mondays became Forward Together, an ad hoc Moral Monday group has met regularly:  organizing voter registration drives, assistance to people who will need photo IDs or rides to the polls, and participation in the ongoing rallies.