Ministries and Committees

These ministries and committees help us get things done.  Meeting times and locations are on the church calendar.  To find out more, talk to a member of the group that interests you; contact information is in Breeze.

Church Council - is our coordinating body.  In addition to the officers of the congregation and the pastor, a representative of each ministry serves on the Church Council.
  • Justice in a Changing Climate Task Force - assists the congregation across ministries in embodying our commitment to address the climate crisis, especially attending to those with the fewest resources to adapt.
  • Pastoral Relations Committee - seeks to support and maintain an open and healthy relationship between the pastor and members of the congregation.
  • Path Forward Task Force - advises the Council on use of our facility during the pandemic, relying on current science and public health best practices.
  • Personnel Committee - attends to development and implementation of personnel policies and procedures.
Community Outreach Ministry - mobilizes us to provide direct services to people in the community and around the world.

Deacons Ministry - is responsible for the spiritual leadership of the church. We guide worship and care for members in need.
  • Arts in Worship - infuses art and creativity into our worship services and community.
  • Caring - coordinates ministry to and support of members of the congregation when they are confronting health crises or personal problems. We celebrate, too - births, major anniversaries and birthdays.
  • Sacraments and Chancel - enhances worship through the beauty of natural arrangements on the communion table, banners, and vestments.  We also prepare the communion elements.
  • Ushers - are the behind the scenes hosts at worship.
Do Justice Ministry - connects us to opportunities to advocate for changes in systems so they are more just.

Property Ministry - puts us to work as good stewards of our buildings and grounds.

Religious Education Ministry - provides opportunities for CUCCers of all ages to continue to grow our faith intellectually.

Stewardship Ministry - invites us to offer our talents and money to the ministries of CUCC, and stewards the financial gifts that are offered.
  • Nominating Committee - invites us annually to commit to the many small tasks that keep us healthy, and to the larger commitment of planning our ministries.
Welcoming and Fellowship Ministry - helps us welcome new people and deepen our friendships.
  • Communications Committee - stewards our online and paper communications tools so we can welcome those we have yet to meet and stay connected to each other.  

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