Ministries and Committees

These ministries and committees help us get things done.  You are welcome to be part of any of these ministries and committees.  Meeting times and locations are on the church calendar.

Church Council
In addition to the officers of the congregation and the pastor, a representative of each ministry serves on the Church Council.

Community Outreach Ministry
The Community Outreach Ministry helps us provide direct services to people in the community and around the world.

Deacons Ministry
The Deacons Ministry helps us care for one another's spirits.
Do Ministry
The Social Justice Ministry helps us advocate for changes in systems so they are more just.

Property Ministry
The Property Ministry helps us be good stewards of our buildings and grounds.

Religious Education Ministry
The Religious Education Ministry helps us continue to grow our faith intellectually.
The Stewardship Ministry helps us gather and distribute our talents and money.
  • Nominating Committee 
Welcoming and Fellowship Ministry
The Welcoming and Fellowship Ministry helps us welcome new people and deepen our friendships.