Home Energy Self Assessment

The concept of Home Energy Self Assessment is to train a core group of individuals at CUCC and eventually other congregations to do Energy Assessments of homes and then to offer assessments to everyone in the congregation, educating the homeowners in the process.  The team would then help the homeowner (either through sharing of information or physically) follow through in taking steps toward making their home more energy efficient.  Home Energy Assessments are currently available from other organizations, and this is great, but what is often found is that the homeowner does not follow up with the weatherization work to realize the energy savings.  The idea of the Home Energy Self Assessment program is that, if the congregation is involved, the homeowner will have greater incentive and ability to carry out the energy saving work recommended by the assessment.

The "Home Energy Self Assessment" team is currently forming, and training of assessors will happen soon.  If you are interested in participating in the assessments or if you wish to have the team assess your home and help you get the work done, contact Gary Smith.