Moral Mondays and Forward Together update

CUCC's banner at Moral Monday
CUCC's banner at Moral Monday

Next Moral Mondays ad hoc group meeting is August 25.  We'll work on voter registration drives.

Following is a summary of the discussion at this week's Moral Mondays ad hoc group meeting (August 18)

Do this week
  1. Spend two hours registering voters at RICH Park Housing; Sunday, Sept. 8.  Training (required) 3pm at CUCC, Registering 4-6pm.  Call Bev, Jane or Joan to volunteer.
  2. Contact Jane if you have Eva Clayton's email address.  Judy has drafted a letter to her about voting in Warren County, but she and Leo weren't able to find contact info for her.
  3. We need people to investigate other places that we can bring voter registration forms/set up a table.  Still needed:  a school in an underserved neighborhood, a retirement community.  Bring details next Sunday OR email them to the group this week.
CUCC voter registration:  You can pick up a voter registration application from Cathy Marshall in the office.  Jane will take completed forms to the BOE.  Welcoming Sunday (Sep. 8) voter registration:  Lena will get the applications and set up our part of the justice table.  We'll also have a sign-up to catch last minute helpers for the RICH Park effort (see below).

RICH Park Housing voter registration/photo ID:  Bev will confirm with RICH Park Housing that Sep. 8, 4-6, is okay for us to go door-to-door.  In addition to offering people the voter registration applications, we will ask if they have an allowed photo ID for 2014 and, if not, ask if they would like help getting one.  We'll decide how to proceed with photo ID assistance as we gather more information about the best way to do this without incurring a cost for the residents.  We'll recruit at CUCC for volunteers to go two-by-two on this date.  Training (mandatory):  3-3:45pm at CUCC, door-to-door 4-6pm.  Jane will do training.

PLM-Families Together voter registration/photo ID:  Gray has delivered voter registration applications.  She will offer on our behalf that we will assist them in obtaining photos IDs.

Bertie County driving to photo IDs/the polls:  Here is the npr story which explains the challenges of getting people to the polls.  Perhaps we can work with Rev. Vonner Horton, pastor at New Oxley Hill Baptist Church in Merry Hill, next year.

Warren County driving to photo IDs/the polls:  Judy has drafted a personal email to Eva Clayton to see who is working on this so that we can offer to assist with driving.  Her attempts at finding an email address have failed; anyone have it?

Upcoming events
Monday, August 19:  Moral Monday in Manteo, Charlotte, Burnsville.  Joan and Bev are representing us in Manteo.

Thursday, August 22:  Democracy NC training on voter registration and voter ID.  Carpool with Joan and Jane.  Meeting is 6:30pm at Westminster Presbyterian Church, 3639 Old Chapel Hill Rd., Durham.
You need to register.  919-286-6000 or

Saturday, August 24:  Judy and Leo will represent us at the DC celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington.

Monday, August 28:  50th Anniversary of March on Washington celebration in Boone.  Joan will give you a ride and drop you off at a hotel, but she already has a home where she can stay.

Monday, August 28:  50th Anniversary of March on Washington celebration across NC.  
If David Price is your representative, 5:30-7:00pm, in front of the Chapel Hill Post Office. 
If George Holding is your representative, 5:30pm, Wake County Courthouse, 316 Fayetteville Street, Raleigh.
If Renee Ellmers is your representative, 5:30pm, TBD, Dunn.
Not sure who your representative is?  Wake district map

October 10-12:  NAACP-NC statewide conference in Rocky Mount.  Call Joan if you would like to carpool.  You need to register.

News for arrestees and those who love them
Arrestees are in the process of deciding whether to accept the offer of 25 hours of community service and $180 fine or to continue to plead not guilty and go to trial.  At our meeting we discovered that each arrestee has his or her own questions and not everyone may make the same decision.  A supportive, open conversation continues.  
Want to support a friend on his/her court date?  Look up the court date and courtroom.
Anyone entering the new Wake County Justice Center (where the trials are) goes through metal detectors.  If you wouldn't bring it on a plane, don't take it to the justice center (nail files, pocket knives...).   

Progress NC is doing voter registration. (919) 855-2401 (from Gray)
"Forward Together" song written & performed by Bett Padgett (from Gary)

Forward Together/Moral Mondays news:  NAACP NC Facebook page (anyone can see this)
Voter registration kit by Democracy NC (from Joan)

Sign up to be an election official    (from Jane)
Article in Huffington Post:    “9 Ways to Organize the Next Civil Rights Movement”     (from Gary)
Editorial in Wall Street Journal:   “Why Are North Carolina Liberals So @&%*! Angry?”      (Is this the correct article, Laura?)
No Labels”:  non-partisan group working on collaborative government solutions, mentioned by Laura this morning 
Rev. Barber's speech at the Wild Goose Festival (from Joan)

Notes from previous weeks
August 11, 2013

- notes taken by Jane Smith for the Moral Monday's ad hoc group