2009 Renovation Projects

We recognize with thanksgiving the following people for their generosity of giving which allowed us to complete the 2009 renovation projects to enhance our church home and place of worship.

Helen Brown (1902-2005) Her gift bequest at the time of her death, living to 103 years of age, started us thinking toward the best use of this generous gift and it seemed appropriate since Helen had failing eyesight to improve the lighting in the sanctuary so that all may see better. At the same time we were able to beautify the sanctuary with new wall board and paint. She had an eye for beauty having already contributed for the bas relief of artwork that graces our narthex.

Kay Cope (1909-2007) She lived as a close friend near Helen in her later years at the Springmoor Life Care Retirement Community. She loved nature and getting outside to   walk around the courtyard there with her walker. Our reworking of the brick sidewalks leading into the sanctuary will help people like Kay who need a smooth surface to walk upon.

Rev. Howard Cunningham (d.Dec. 24,2003) He lived out his final days in Raleigh as a retired UCC pastor who served our sister congregation the African American, First Congregational Church with whom CUCC had a special relationship working together to overcome racial prejudices and barriers especially during the civil rights movement. In retirement he became an associate member of our congregation and enjoyed worshiping with us in our sanctuary.

Dr. Arthur Eckels (1919-1998) Professor at NCSU in Electrical Engineering; loving husband of Marge Eckels. As a man who volunteered countless hours keeping things around the church working, we think that Art would appreciate the new and greatly improved wiring system that allows for substantially greater electrical current to illuminate our sanctuary!

Bruce Hoffmann (1945-2008) - grew up attending CUCC as the son of Arnold and Peggy Hoffmann. Arnold died in 1999 and Peggy in 2003. They were early pillars of the church and contributed greatly to the music program. The improved lighting in the chancel area is particularly appreciated by the choir and minister.

Virginia Howells (1920-2004) She was an early environmental advocate and would be greatly thankful for the ways in which our renovations have a beneficial impact on reducing our carbon footprint by using compact florescent lighting, low "e" glass in our new doors, mildew resistant wallboard etc.

Nancy Keppel (1930-2004) She lived the ideal of the "Priesthood of All Believers" with a strong commitment to training the laity for service and social justice concerns. She was a woman of sizable wealth and even greater generosity to the church, whose inclusive vision of her faith modeled our barrier free inclusive style of worship and fellowship in Christ.

Ted Mew (1942-2005) He and his wife Binks found our church toward the end of Ted's life, soon after which he was diagnosed with what turned out to be terminal cancer. Ted worked as an environmental scientist and appreciated that focus in our congregation along with its welcoming and inclusive spiritual focus which drew them through our doors. Our new glass paneled doors express his philosophy of looking inward through worship for inspiration to look outward in service to the world.