Taking care of each other during flu season

If you feel sick, stay home.  If you’ve been sick, stay home until at least 24 hours after your fever is gone. Take care of yourself.  Help others stay healthy.  You might not know if the person sitting next to you is particularly vulnerable to the flu.

Let us know if you get the flu.  
Call Steve at the church office on weekdays before 1:00pm or at home.  We want to know:        
- If there is anything we can do to support you and your family.
- If there is anyone at CUCC we need to notify on your behalf.
According to the Center for Disease Control, healthy adults are contagious a day before they exhibit symptoms.  So let us know if you have attended a CUCC event where you might have infected others.   We can also let groups know that you won’t be available for meetings or commitments you have made.

If you hear that someone has the flu, call the church office.  When people get sick, they don’t have the energy to make phone calls and might not have called.

Offer your help to those who are coping with the flu.  If we hear that anyone needs help – perhaps items from the grocery store or a big pot of soup -  we’ll post a request on the Flu Hot Topic on the website and Facebook.  We won’t post a name, just the need.  Meanwhile, if you are willing to be contacted for flu-related needs, please call the office so we can add you to the list of flu-season helpers.

Cleaning will help us stay healthy.
When your group meets, offer to wash tables & counters even if there is no meal.  According to the CDC, soap and water is sufficient to kill the viruses.

Wash your hands with soap and water.  Hand sanitizer is also available for children and youth and at fellowship hour.  Use serving utensils.

In the event of a local flu epidemic

Stay informed about how the flu is changing CUCC activities. 
Get in the habit of checking the “Flu” Hot Topic on the CUCC website (added during epidemics).  If you lead a meeting which is being cancelled, be sure to ask a website administrator to post cancellations there.  Call any members of your group who don’t have a computer.

Those of you who don’t have access to a computer can help us by calling the church office this week to let the office know we’ll need to call you if a church-wide event is being cancelled.  We’re likely to ask you to call a few other people; thank you for pitching in.

The Center for Disease Control has excellent information on the seasonal flu.

Flu vaccine availability is posted on the Wake County Health and Human Services website.   You can also track local flu information.