Safe Church at CUCC

As a sign of our commitment to love the children and youth in our care, Community UCC follows a Safe Church policy.

In an effort to care for those living with nut-allergies, we strives to maintain "nut-free zones," meaning that we do not provide or offer nuts during our regularly scheduled fellowship gatherings or in children's spaces.  However the kitchen and rooms are used by the larger community throughout the week, so we cannot fully guarantee the absence of nuts or nut residues on all surfaces. Please let us know if you or your child(ren) has allergies and we will support a safe experience for you in our community.

Safe Church Policies

Policy on Online Photographs and Contact Information, adopted March 19, 2018

Policy on the use of Breeze, our online database/directory/contribution tracker, adopted January 13, 2020

"Justice, Inclusiveness, and Self-Discipline: A Covenant Among the People of Community United Church of Christ," adopted January 11, 1998

Policies which help us be responsible to our children and youth:
     CUCC Safe Church Youth Protection Policy, adopted April 2010.
     Initial implementation (May 2010) for Safe Church Youth Protection Policy
    Application and Disclosure Form (for potential employees or ongoing volunteers)
    Background Screening Consent and Information Form (Praesidium) (for potential employees and ongoing volunteers)

To prepare us in the event of adult sexual harassment, see the CUCC Personnel Policies, section on Policies Relating to Staff and Congregation. Last revised April 2010.