Food Bags

Remember to double bag
your donation, please
A shopping cart in the Vaughan Fellowship Hall is the collection place for donations of healthy, non-perishable groceries destined for the food pantry at Urban Ministries. Clients "shop" from the food pantry's shelves, selecting the items which are best for them and their families. (Read more about the new Client Choice model below.)

Make a donation to the Urban Ministries Food Pantry every month (collected every first Sunday). 

  • A monetary donation is the most valuable, as it enables the Food Pantry to buy food at 19₵ per pound from the Food Bank of NC (donate here). 
  • Many people like the long-standing tradition of bringing a bag of food; if you’re more likely to do that, please bring your bag to the shopping cart in the Vaughan Fellowship Hall. Here are updated suggestions of food for your bag and things not to bring anymore.  (printable food bag list)
Food items to donate
  • Canned beans (especially black beans; also kidney, Navy, etc.)  but no dried beans
  • Quick-cooking brown rice
  • Low-salt pasta sauce (not in glass jars)
  • Cereals are a big need: Low-sugar cereals (Cheerios, Raisin Bran, Special K, etc.).Oatmeal and grits in individual packs (like 10 to a box)
  • Canned tuna
  • No longer needed (food pantry clients do not choose these items): anything in glass jars, dried beans, peanut butter, macaroni and cheese packages
Please double bag for strength, whether you use paper or plastic.  

For questions, contact CUCC's Community Outreach Ministry (contact info on Breeze).