Fall Retreat - September 10-12

Retreat, Contemplate, Share, Recreate.
All Congregation* Retreat, September 10-12, 2013.

Do you want to enjoy the North Carolina mountains as summer ends and fall begins? Do you want to get to know better others you meet at Community United Church of Christ activities? Do you want to relax, look into the distance and center yourself in preparation for what’s next for you or the congregation? For any or all of these reasons, come to a two day congregational retreat at the UCC Blowing Rock Conference Center (BRCC, formerly Blowing Rock Assembly Grounds or BRAG), where we can get to know each other better and talk about our lives and ministries. We will leave Raleigh on Tuesday, September 10, plan to be at BRCC the nights of September 10 and 11, and return to Raleigh September 12 mid-day. More details about planned activities or periods of free time will be made available later in the summer. Retreat leadership: Steve Halsted, Ursula Schmitt-Pridik (returning for a visit 20 years after she helped lead a similar retreat at Blowing Rock in 1993), Marty Lamb, Edith Sylla, and others. There will be a variety of activities offered for larger or smaller groups including participating in organized creative or spiritual activity, hiking the massive grounds at Moses Cone House, exploring the town of Blowing Rock, sitting in rocking chairs on the porch, chatting, singing, breathing, and napping. If you would like to help plan the retreat, please so indicate on the form below. Shared transportation will be arranged when we know who is coming.

Those organizing the retreat want to reserve rooms in the Corriher Lodge at BRCC, for which BRCC wants a deposit of $50/person. If you think you are interested in attending, please fill out the form below and mail it to the church or put it in the offering plate along with your check by Sunday, July 14 (alternately send an email expressing your interest in more information to Cathy in the church office (cucc@nc.rr.com) with a copy to Edith Sylla and we will get back to you for details. Deposit checks for $50/person should be made out to CUCC with “September retreat” in the memo field (refunds possible if your plans change up to the end of August). For room costs, see below. Meals at BRCC cost: breakfast $8.75; lunch $9.75; and dinner $11.25. They request a minimum of 20 people for any meal we want them to serve. We will likely ask for dinner on September 10 and 11, breakfast on September 11 and 12; and lunch on September 11, but we can change our request up through August 27.

Retreat Reservation Form

*Subsequent note from Marty Lamb:  The intent is not of course to leave out youth, but obviously the dates exclude most. I'll gladly play with younger children if they are in attendance, and I  expect  others in attendance might be willing to do so in an "It takes a village" rotation fashion. I could pack some toys.