Where did the important church documents go?

To Breeze!  Now when you sign into Breeze you can find key documents for our life together as well as contact information for CUCCers and your personal giving record. 

Congregations have learned that having a bunch of documents on their website is not useful and also, in some cases, unwise.  Many create a password-protected portal for members to access that information.

Instead of creating another sign in for you to remember, we can use Breeze.  When you look at your personal Breeze profile you will see a new section "Useful documents."  There you will find links to
  • How we do things at CUCC (forms and policies)  Look here for information like the expense reimbursement request form, information on renting a room, or having your wedding or memorial service at CUCC, and policies on everything from Safe Church to flu to weather cancellations.
  • Reports and Constitution & Bylaws  Here you will find our most recent yearly reports, the current year's congregational meeting minutes (approved), and the current constitution and by-laws
  • Upcoming congregational meeting documents  As we approach a congregational meeting, our clerk will add the documents you need for our deliberations together.  A CUCC Weekly eNews article will alert you to the addition of new items.