What's next for Moral Mondays?

Thank you, Geoffrey Frank of UCCH,
for the photo.
Next Moral Mondays ad hoc group meeting is August 18.  We'll work on voter registration drives.

Following is a summary of the discussion at this week's CUCC Moral Mondays ad hoc group meeting (August 11)

Do this week
  1. We need people to investigate other places that we can bring voter registration forms/set up a table.  Still needed:  a school in an underserved neighborhood, a retirement community.  Bring details next Sunday OR email them to the group this week.
  2. Contact Jane, Joan, Leo, Judy, or Gray if you are willing to staff a voter registration table for a few hours between now and September 13.
The following possible locations are being researched/by:
Chavis and Pullen parks - Gray
CUCC office - Jane is checking with Cathy
Democracy NC - Gray
League of Women Voters (Wake) - Gray
Loaves and Fishes - Gray
Method Child Development Center - Joan
New citizens - Leo and Judy have been attending citizenship ceremonies and have already turned in 20 completed voter registration applications!
RICH Park Housing - Joan via Bev
Schools - Jane is waiting to hear from with Wake PTA Council and Wake Education Partnership.  She is also checking with Broughton High and Joyner Elementary.  Other members of the group are invited to contact their local school, then let the group know if you'd like someone to join you at a table there.
YWCA (Hillsborough Street) - Jane

Upcoming events
Monday, August 19:  Moral Monday in Manteo and Charlotte.  Call Joan if you would like to carpool to the rally in Manteo.

Monday, August 28:  50th Anniversary of March on Washington celebration in Boone.  Joan will give you a ride and drop you off at a hotel, but she already has a home where she can stay.

October 10-12:  NAACP-NC statewide conference in Rocky Mount.  Call Joan if you would like to carpool.  You need to register.

The NAACP NC is replacing their website with a public NAACP NC Facebook page.  Anyone can see this page; you do NOT have to be a member of Facebook.  Check here for updates on Moral Mondays and the Forward Together Movement.

News for arrestees
Anyone entering the new Wake County Justice Center (where the trials are) goes through metal detectors.  If you wouldn't bring it on a plane, don't take it to the justice center (nail files, pocket knives...).   Want to support a friend on his/her court date?  Look up the court date and courtroom.

Forward Together/Moral Mondays news:  NAACP NC Facebook page (anyone can see this)
Voter registration kit by Democracy NC (from Joan)
Sign up to be an election official    (from Jane)
Article in Huffington Post:    “9 Ways to Organize the Next Civil Rights Movement”     (from Gary)
Editorial in Wall Street Journal:   “Why Are North Carolina Liberals So @&%*! Angry?”      (Is this the correct article, Laura?)
No Labels”:  non-partisan group working on collaborative government solutions, mentioned by Laura this morning 
Buses from NC to March on Washington 50th celebration 
Rev. Barber's speech at the Wild Goose Festival (from Joan)

- notes taken by Jane Smith for the Moral Monday's ad hoc group