Some info for website editors

Here is some info provided by the Communications Committee especially for CUCC members who edit portions of this website. Some of the tips refer to website administrators. At present the administrators are Lavon Page, Jo Perry, Jane Smith, and Cathy Marshall. To be a full fledged contributor and editor of portions of this website, you do not need to be an administrator.

The Communications Committee will provide lessons for anyone who wishes to contribute to the website on behalf of any church group. If you're already a blogger, the lesson will be very short. If not, the lesson might take 30 minutes to an hour. You'll need a Google ID.

Useful Info
  1. If you have been asked by a group in the church to manage the group's information on the website, contact Lavon.
  2. You have full control over the items that you create.  You cannot edit or delete items added by other authors.
  3. Don't try to be fancy. All the editing tools you will need are available as buttons. Don't worry about changing fonts or styles. Just type in what you want to say, use the tools at the top for lists (numbered or bulleted), indents, bold, italic, etc. Don't use multiple colors for fonts unless you have a VERY good reason. Include pictures or links to other information on the web as you like (using the picture tool and link tool shown above the text area).
  4. If you add any pictures, these pictures are stored in a Picasaweb Album (Google+ photo album) named "Community UCC" that is added to the photos associated with your Google account. Don't delete that album, because doing so will remove the pictures from the website.
  5. If you copy or paste from a document or web page, you are also copying formatting information. That formatting information can do unexpected things when you paste it into the website.  You can avoid frustration if you add a simple step (converting to plain text) which gets rid of that extra formatting information . If you don't know how to do this, talk to an administrator. (With some Windows web browers, shift-control-V does this, or you can do it with a right mouse click. In Mac OS, there are menu options "Paste as plain text" in Safari and "Paste and Match Style" in Chrome.)
  1. Always have permission from a group before you post on their behalf.
  2. Never include personal contact information, even if the person gives you permission
  3. Never put a child’s name with his or her photo
  4. Dont use any unflattering photos.

If you're flexible about web browsers, give Google Chrome a try. It's the most popular web browser in the world (by far), and it works very well with our website. And it's VERY fast. (And pasting without format is built right into Chrome as a right-click option called "paste and match style".)