Monday Lunch Group

"I find a circle of loving friends, a circle that shares my interest in the search for the truth and a group that believes and practices the power of prayer." - Geraldine Bryan

The Monday Lunch Group meets in the Hoffmann Room every Monday. Folks drift in between 12:15 and 12:30 bringing their own lunch. Following lunch and conversation, the group shares concerns and hears suggested prayer topics, and then enters into silent prayer and meditation which precedes the main program. Generally the Monday Lunch Group chooses a book of common interest to read and study over a period of several weeks.

Newcomers and walk-ins (including men!) are welcome.

April 24
We will one more time ask you to please bring in a news item (newspaper, newsletter, notes on radio, TV...) reporting good news (note that "gospel" translates as "good news"). Please be prepared to give  your reflections on that story and also how it might be viewed as bad whom, for example.

We will also entertain ideas for the next while.

May 1
As we are meeting on May Day, I would like to mark the occasion - would you prefer an emphasis on international labor day, or harking back to traditions of May baskets, May queens, and dancing the Maypole?

Sign ups so far for tea cart prep. (Thank you for signing up!)
4/24 - Kathy Widenhouse
5/1 - Sue Cottle
5/8 - Laura Upchurch
5/15 - Peg Hulslander
5/22 - Vandy Bradow
5/29 -
6/5  - Lavon Page