Monday Lunch Group

"I find a circle of loving friends, a circle that shares my interest in the search for the truth and a group that believes and practices the power of prayer." - Geraldine Bryan

The Monday Lunch Group meets in the Hoffmann Room every Monday. Folks drift in between 12:15 and 12:30 bringing their own lunch. Following lunch and conversation, the group shares concerns and hears suggested prayer topics, and then
Prayer beads made for a
  spiritual practice learning day
enters into silent prayer and meditation which precedes the main program. Generally the Monday Lunch Group chooses a book of common interest to read and study over a period of several weeks.

Newcomers and walk-ins (including men!) are welcome.

November 12:  Vandy Bradow will share pleasant surprises and impressions from her recent trip to Japan, on the island of Honshu. She traveled with Overseas Adventure Travel, in a group of 16, among whom were a longtime ex-EPA friend and her husband. The tour was titled "Japan's Cultural Treasures," and, as always, emphasized "learning and discovery."