Monday Lunch Group

"I find a circle of loving friends, a circle that shares my interest in the search for the truth and a group that believes and practices the power of prayer." - Geraldine Bryan

The Monday Lunch Group meets in the Hoffmann Room every Monday. Folks drift in between 12:15 and 12:30 bringing their own lunch. Following lunch and conversation, the group shares concerns and hears suggested prayer topics, and then enters into silent prayer and meditation which precedes the main program. Generally the Monday Lunch Group chooses a book of common interest to read and study over a period of several weeks.

Newcomers and walk-ins (including men!) are welcome.

Summer calendar
Those in attendance at Monday Lunch pitched in to create a sequence of discussion topics. Each signed up for two sequential sessions  - the specific topic, if not noted below, will be announced in time for any necessary preparation.

June 19 - Lavon Page
On June 12 our focus was on short films that display nature, animals, satire and and caring. On June 19 we will focus on art, music, and creativity and how film communicates these more effectively than words do.

A special focus will be the work and creativity of Rhiannon Giddens (picture above). Giddens was born in Greensboro NC in 1977 and has broken just about every stereotype there is in the recording industry. The album cover above is for the album "Genuine Negro Jig" which was released in 2010. Here's the opening few sentences in Wikipedia regarding this album ...

Genuine Negro Jig is the fifth studio album of the Carolina Chocolate Drops, one of the few African-American string bands playing today. Its label debut was released on February 16, 2010, while its vinyl version, which included the album on 140-gram vinyl and CD, was released on July 13. This is the first album the band has recorded for Nonesuch Records. It was highly successful, reaching the top ten on the Billboard Folk chart and the top of the Bluegrass chart.

You can't get any stranger than a "Negro Jig" album released on a classical music label (Nonesuch) which rises to the top of the charts in the bluegrass category. Is this bizarre or what?

We will view some clips that illustrate Rhiannon Giddens' amazing artistry both vocally and on various original instruments (including the fretless banjo).

The program will also include clips illustrating other art forms, and we'll talk about the way that YouTube and other similar sites have come to play such an important role in modern conversation.

June 25  - Ann Retzer -  The MLG topic for discussion this coming Monday and July 9th will be 'Sanctuary.'

July 3 - BRING ICE CREAM and something to make each other laugh, or at least smile!

July 10 -- Ann Retzer  - see June 25

July 17 and 24 - Kathy Widenhouse - possibly two short stories relating to faith.

In the meantime, please consider leading a program or programs post-July.  We are using the two-session model now but that can be changed.