Monday Lunch Group

"I find a circle of loving friends, a circle that shares my interest in the search for the truth and a group that believes and practices the power of prayer." - Geraldine Bryan

The Monday Lunch Group meets in the Hoffmann Room every Monday. Folks drift in between 12:15 and 12:30 bringing their own lunch. Following lunch and conversation, the group shares concerns and hears suggested prayer topics, and then
Prayer beads made for a
  spiritual practice learning day
enters into silent prayer and meditation which precedes the main program. Generally the Monday Lunch Group chooses a book of common interest to read and study over a period of several weeks.

Newcomers and walk-ins (including men!) are welcome.

Topic for January 14, 21 and 28:

Immigration is a hot topic nowadays. It's presently envisioned as hordes from Central America or Africa swarming into North America or Europe. In the past large numbers of Europeans were immigrating to North America or Australia.

Tomorrow (Jan. 14) Monday Lunch Group will begin a 3-part mini-series entitled "Kings in Grass Castles." The storyline follows one Irish family's immigration to Australia during the crisis of the Irish potato famine (1845-1849).

The mini-series was produced in 1998, and follows a poor family's migration to Australia, their success and enrichment as Australia develops, and the disillusionment of the family patriarch as he observes the result.

The episodes are each about an hour long, so these will provide the program for Monday Lunch Group for January 14, 21, and 28.