Life and Faith

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As always, this is a fluid group - just drop in!

This fall our gatherings are not our regular Tuesdays.  Mark your calendars!

Dec. 5 (back on our 1st Tuesday schedule)  Topic:  Let's riff on Jenny's Dec. 3 sermon

Yesterday Jenny talked about the traditional dual practices of Advent:  watching with joyful anticipation and waiting as we tend to the work Christ has for us  (Mark 13:24-37).  She told the story from her childhood of watching with excitement through long, dark nights for her father to return home so she could run out to meet him; this cyclical, anticipatory watching built resilience she would use over and over in other relationships.  And she described an active waiting for the master's return - a return which will bring a time of accounting for how we have tended the "estate" while the master has been away.  These dual practices come from the intertwining of the stories of the first and second comings of the Christ - at birth and the one which will bring redemptive healing to the earth and all in it.

This Advent, what are your cyclical, anticipatory practices of watching?  What are you doing while the Christ is away?  And, in keeping with our CUCC Advent theme, how does any of this connect for you to "following the light" together?

O’Malley’s Pub and Restaurant
5228 Hollyridge Dr, Raleigh
Look for us at the long table in the room on the left.

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What is Life and Faith in Raleigh?  This ever-changing group of CUCCers and friends meets on first Tuesdays to bounce ideas, support and challenge each other, and enjoy good company.  Jane Smith brings an open-ended question connecting the nitty-gritty of life and faith, but prefers when members of the group raise a question they'd like to discuss.

New folks and friends are always welcome.  Come when you can, or come often.  Look for the comma in the vase on our table.

What is said at Life & Faith stays at Life & Faith!  We seek to be a safe place for one another.

Discussion starts at 7PM, so arrive by 6:30 if you want to order food.  We try to model God's generosity by tipping well, whether we order water or a full meal.  The discussion wraps up at 8PM.