Life and Faith

red UCC comma featuring the words Life and Faith
As always, this is a fluid group - just drop in!

Our next gathering will be
Tuesday, May 6, 6:30 PM to eat, 7PM conversation begins

O’Malley’s Pub and Restaurant
5228 Hollyridge Dr, Raleigh
Look for us at the long table in the room on the left.

May focus:
In the 2003-5 tv show Joan of Arcadia, the title character kept running into God.  Whether a passerby on the street or a teen at the store, God would speak to Joan, providing a challenge or a word of grace as she confronted some moral dilemma in her life.

Our Life & Faith discussions have continued to explore how we live as people of reconciliation and love in a time of harsh divisions.  This month we'll ask ourselves:  Where is God showing up in my life?  Where is my experience going to lead me?  How am I open to God in my experiences?  How do I know who I am seeing?

Thank you to Sherrie who will be convening us in May.
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What is Life and Faith in Raleigh?  This ever-changing group of CUCCers and friends meets on first Tuesdays to bounce ideas, support and challenge each other, and enjoy good company.  Jane Smith brings an open-ended question connecting the nitty-gritty of life and faith, but prefers when members of the group raise a question they'd like to discuss.

New folks and friends are always welcome.  Come when you can, or come often.  Look for the comma in the vase on our table.

What is said at Life & Faith stays at Life & Faith!  We seek to be a safe place for one another.

Discussion starts at 7PM, so arrive by 6:30 if you want to order food.  We try to model God's generosity by tipping well, whether we order water or a full meal.  The discussion wraps up at 8PM.