How do I become a member?

Becoming a Member

Getting to know if this congregation is a good fit: Hopefully you have already found new friends at Community UCC and have begun to engage in some of the work of the congregation. Periodically, there is a Newcomers' Supper to allow you to ask questions about the church and to discover other ways to be involved. If you haven't heard about one yet, call the office to indicate your interest.

To join:  Make an appointment to meet with the pastor, Steve Halsted.  Together you'll discuss what will happen at the worship service when you join and select a week that works for you and others in the congregation.

Life after joining: We are on a journey together. Let us support you when you need help. Share your gifts of talent and money. Be Christ's body in the wider community. Ask questions, challenge the status quo, dream big. Invite those you know to join you at a Community UCC event.

new member Sunday sermon, "Why Join a Church?"