"I enjoy being the greeter because I get to see everybody who comes to the service. I attempt to learn every one's name and make a personal connection to visitors." - Jeanne Ledbetter

We help people and newcomers feel welcome by greeting people at the sanctuary door as they enter worship, giving new visitors a welcoming bag and spending time with visitors during fellowship after worship.

Live Your Faith

  • Say hello to someone you don't know yet. Whether new to the church or a long-timer, everyone wants to be noticed and wanted.
  • Invite newcomers to Fellowship. Introduce them to someone else with a connection: home town, occupation, wanderlust, avocation.
  • Widen your circle at Fellowship. Decide to meet one new-to-you person each month.
  • Build connections. Send Pastors Tony or Carol an email or phone message with news, whether newcomer or long-timer. Names, background, interests, needs and desires. The tidbits help him help us care for each other.
  • Become a greeter just a few times a year.