CUCC moves to collaborative website

Thanks to evolving technology, an opportunity emerged in summer 2013 for CUCC to move its primary website to a collaborative environment where each group in the church can choose who will be in charge of posting and maintaining its own information.  A member of the group may volunteer for this role, or the group can choose someone else in the church to help them (such as one of the several web site administrators on the Communications Committee).

The primary improvements provided by this arrangement are ...
  • Changes can be immediate and can be put in place by the group without need for approval by any chain of command.
  • The only skill needed in order for someone to interact with the website is conventional blogging knowledge, which is a skill already possessed by numerous people in the church.
The Communications Committee will provide training as requested. For someone who has some experience with blogging, this training might take 15 minutes. For someone who is new to blogging, 30 minutes to an hour might be required. Contact the Communications Committee (Lavon Page, Chair) for more information or to enlist help for your group.

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