Children's Religious Education Committee

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The Children's Religious Education Committee develops learning programs for infants, children, and youth with the assistance of the Children's Sunday School Coordinator, Anne Bailey Zschau, and the Youth and Adult Education Coordinator, Śānti Matthews. We design activities to enrich the Church School curriculum and plan the service emphasis for the month. We also plan the annual Christmas pageant and Advent Family celebration.

"I like working to transmit Christian values to the next generation. A spirit filled, ethical, reliable next generation can be a gift to the world." - Marty

"As the mother of 3 small children, it is important for me to give them a foundational belief system that helps them to be strong during times of challenge, to open their hearts to others and to understand their role in making our world a safer and healthier place for all. The children's program at CUCC has done a wonderful job of moving beyond just sharing Biblical stories and has helped them to understand how they can contribute to the greater good on a regular basis. Whether they are collecting school supplies for an orphanage in Guatemala, dedicating their offering to local food banks or simply creating and sharing valentines with residents at the nearby retirement home, they put into action Gods hope that we will all care for each other. " - Kara

third grader holds her new Bible"The kids at our church love to express themselves through art. It is a joy for me as a teacher to find meaningful ways to connect a Bible story or spiritual principle to an art project. I watch in awe as the children create beautiful and thoughtful works of art that reflect what is in their heart." - Judy.

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Live Your Faith
  • Share your interests with our children & youth. Let Anne Bailey or Śānti know what you'd enjoy passing along to a new generation.
  • Invite a friend to church school or youth group.
  • Donate an item or pledge your support to one of the service activities being led by our younger members.
  • Teach on Sunday morning.
  • Chaperone a mission trip for a few hours or a weekend.
  • Set the direction of CUCC's children's and youth's education programs by working with the religious education committees.

two children hold mobiles they made in church school
To grow the next generation of justice people and welcome the gifts that our children and youth offer. As children, youth, and adults together, we seek to strengthen our faith: through knowledge of scripture and traditions, through practice of spiritual disciplines, and through fostering supportive relationships.

What support is provided for parents? Parenting is hard work. We risk asking each other how things are going and follow up on hunches that someone might appreciate our support. We listen to each other and try not to offer solutions or sage advice, but simply ask if there is anything we can do to support the parent and/or the child. As always, we work to keep confidences.

CUCC is blessed to have staff members who've "been there." Make an appointment to talk things over with Anne Bailey, Śānti or Steve.