Occasional Sunday Morning Forum

September 17 to November 5
Creating and Building Community Allies - details coming soon

Want to put your faith and concern into action? Community UCC encourages its members as well as the surrounding community to learn more about issues and related public policies and become advocates for equality and justice.  Occasional Sundays, 9:30AM, Vaughan Fellowship Hall

Recent Programs

We study the foundations of faith and the public policy issues related to social and economic justice, peace, and protecting the environment. Speakers include community leaders from the Triangle and across the State, religious leaders, government officials, elected representatives, activists, and directors of non-profits.

  • Immigration Injustices - Welcome the Immigrant and El Pueblo
  • A Clear and Independent Voice for People with Disabilities
  • Building a State of Equality
  • "Conversations" on Race, Ethnicity and Culture
  • The Place of Religion in Mass Media
  • Public Financing of Elections and Election Reform
  • A Paradigm Shift to Address Pet Overpopulation
  • Walter Rauschenbusch and the Relevance of his Social Gospel Theology
  • A Sustainable Lifestyle
  • The Healing Place of Wake County
  • "Just War Theory" and America's Wars

Frequently our discussions lead the Church's Social Justice Ministry to formulate action positions to address the concerns raised in the Forum.

All points of view are welcome and in depth discussion is encouraged.

Get on our email list by contacting the Forum committee Chair through the Church Office at cucc@nc.rr.com.