Saturday Book Group

This non-fiction group is open to women and men. Each book is chosen by consensus and is read by all members over a period of 6-12 consecutive weeks for each book, one or two chapters a week. There is no leader. All members participate in the discussion. This arrangement has worked well since 2002. For any questions, contact Ed Klemmer, preferably by email.

Current book:  As of February 2017, the group is reading We the People by Juan Williams.  Contact Ed Klemmer to find what chapter they are discussing now.

"It is a very active group whose members not only show up every Saturday but all of whom read the book and participate in a very lively discussion. There is no leader. The group has both CUCC members and friends who share their interests. The books studied by the group vary from atheists such as Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins, through important secular books about science, war, economics and philosophy to religious writings such as Karen Armstrong, Peter Gomes and Marcus Borg." - Ed Klemmer