Property Ministry

"The Property Ministry provides me an opportunity and a challenge to make CUCC as warm and welcoming in our physical appearance as we are in the congregation. We have a lot to offer our neighbors and community with the many activities and ministries we embrace. Our physical surroundings are often taken for granted, but they are also a part of who we are as a congregation. The Property Ministry offers me the opportunity improve our outward face to the community." -- Lena

We try to reflect CUCC’s commitment to live our faith in action by … Caring for others, Caring for community, and Caring for CUCC.

We lead the congregation in coordinating volunteers and contractors so that CUCC might be good stewards of our property. Let’s all work together by:
  • Respecting CUCC buildings and grounds – it is OUR church home.
  • Keeping a positive attitude and having fun as we work TOGETHER to reach our goals.
Reset the thermostat…Turn off the lights... SAVE ENERGY !!!

CUCC uses programmable thermostats. Directions are posted by each one explaining how to adjust them if you must.  If you change the setting, be sure to change it back before you leave.

Where do I find…
  • Garden & lawn tools – Bryan-Berry building 
  • Painting supplies – Pilgrim House basement workshop 
  • Ladders – Main building outside storage closet and Pilgrim House basement 
  • Cleaning tools – Janitor’s closet 
  • Paper products – Vaughan Fellowship Hall or robing room cabinets 
  • Hardware for basic repairs –Pilgrim House basement workshop and janitor’s closet
Requesting a room at CUCC
  1. Check the Office Calendar to see if the space is available. 
  2. Call the church office to reserve the space and get information about room capacity, available equipment, etc.  919-809-8850, (9 AM - 2 PM, Monday through Thursday)
Outside groups are asked to help defray our costs by paying the following fees:
  • Bradow Room: $35/unit
  • Hoffmann Room: $40/unit
  • Vaughan Wing: $50/unit
  • Pilgrim House: $35/unit
  • Use of the kitchen is included for coffee/drink preparation only.
  • One unit = use of space for a morning (8AM- Noon), an afternoon (1-5PM), or an evening beginning at 6 PM. Full day use is charged at two units.
  • Wedding for non-member of CUCC: $400 (includes use of sanctuary for rehearsal and ceremony as well as rooms for dressing.)
  • Other use of sanctuary: $60/hour
  • Full use of kitchen for meal preparation and serving in the Vaughan Wing: $130. Sorry, no frying or broiling is allowed on site.
  • If a group or individual who wishes to rent space in the church on a recurring basis cannot afford the rental rate, they can contact the chair of the property ministry to discuss a lower rate.  The utility rate, which pays for utilities and janitorial services as well as repair/replacement of furnishings, is one-half the rental rate.  This consideration will only be considered for non-profit groups whose purposes are in keeping with the overall mission of the church and who cannot pay the standard rental rate.
  • A church key security deposit of $100.00 is charged to non-members using the buildings. The deposit will be returned when the church key is returned. The key can be picked up two days in advance of the event.
Effective January 1, 2015, confirmed September 11, 2016