Welcoming the community to Community

In order to care for the earth and one another, we ask everyone (members, guests, and renters) to:

1.  Recycle all recyclables in the provided containers.
2.  Unlock the doors, rather than propping them open.  (Contact office.cucc@gmail.com for instruction; the unlocking process is not intuitively obvious.)
3.  Reset the thermostat to the program, turn off the lights, and lock the doors before leaving every time.
4.  Do not use any styrofoam products at CUCC.
5.  Honor the nut-free zone policy.
6.  Keep CUCC's buildings smoke-free.
7.  Reserve the handicapped parking spaces for those who really need them.

Requesting a room rental at CUCC

Instructions on how to reserve a room at CUCC on a one-time or recurring basis are available in the church’s Building Use Policy. Contact office.cucc@gmail.com if you have questions about the policy.

Getting married at CUCC
If you would like to inquire about using the church for a wedding, please contact the pastors at 919-809-8850 to schedule an appointment.

Notice something that needs repair or seems unsafe?  Contact office.cucc@gmail.com.